Mammoet Launches TPA System

Powered Trailer Delivers Narvik Generators

Heavy-lift specialist Mammoet has inaugurated its new trailer power assist, or TPA, utilizing it for the first time on a project in Norway.

The powered trailer system provides improved transport efficiency and "significantly lower" carbon footprint for long-haul heavy transport projects. Mammoet oversaw the transport of 23 running generators and 23 hubs along a critical section of the route to a wind farm site near the northern Norwegian town of Narvik.

“The 4-kilometer section of the route to the Narvik site that Mammoet were required to complete involved climbing an 18 percent gradient and navigating 12 to 14 hairpin bends. With each generator weighing 74 tonnes and each hub weighing 47 tonnes, we needed to use the TPA system to maintain safety,” said Anders Bräuner, sales manager, Mammoet Denmark.

Headquartered in Schiedam in the Netherlands, Mammoet provides a range of services from transportation and logistics planning to heavy-lift and crane rental.

Photo: TPA system. Credit: Mammoet