Mammoet Investigates Zero-Emission SPMTs

Teams with with German High-tech Company KEYOU

By Carly Fields
Heavy-lift specialist Mammoet is investigating the potential of an emission-free engine for self-propelled modular transporters, or SPMTs, with German high-tech company KEYOU.
KEYOU’s engineering takes a traditional diesel engine and replaces specific components and software to create a hydrogen combustion engine with zero emissions.
“Our technology is scalable to any combustion engine,” said Robin Zalwert, business development at KEYOU, speaking at PortXL’s shakedown. “We have the same payload as a diesel engine and we can go 12 times as far with batteries of the same storage weight. The best thing is from production until the end of lifetime, these engines emit half the amount of CO2 emissions than diesel or battery.”
With its technology KEYOU claims to have virtually resolved the conflicting objectives of zero emissions, efficiency and economic viability.
A significant advantage of KEYOU’s solution is that original equipment manufacturers can continue to use their existing production and development infrastructure to offer customers emission-free vehicles.
Existing vehicles can also be converted into zero-emission vehicles with KEYOU’s H2 technology.
The partnership Mammoet was signed during the PortXL shakedown event.
Photo: Mammoet signs the deal with KEYOU. Credit: Mammoet