Mammoet Installs HKIA Sky Bridge

(Asia) World’s Longest Airside Bridge

Cargo specialist Mammoet has completed installation of the world’s longest airside bridge at Hong Kong International Airport.

The breakbulk project involved delivery and maneuver of the 200-meter-long span using Mammoet’s Mega Jack 5200 system installed on self-propelled modular transport. A total of weight of 5,700 tonnes was moved a distance of 3 kilometers.

“This project saw Mammoet go through detailed planning and work 24 hours throughout the nine-day critical time period given to us. This enabled us to accommodate both the client and airport authorities’ requests while ensuring the timely erection of the bridge,” said Edwin Blösser, project manager for Mammoet.

Dutch lifting expert Mammoet is based in Scheidam and is one of the oldest heavy-lift companies in the world.