Mammoet Designs Crane Transport Beam

New Containerized Ship-to-shore Crane Transport Beams

Project cargo specialist Mammoet has developed new containerized ship-to-shore crane transport beams, designed to make breakbulk transport more flexible, faster and cost-effective.
The beams feature a 3,600-ton capacity, with smart couplings that allow for modular use. Each beam is available in variable lengths and configurations and can be extended up to 48 meters long with additional beam parts.
“The ability to relocate harbor container cranes in one piece means our customers can maximize the productivity of these specialized cranes. The rapid and easy mobilization of these containerized beams means this can now be done in a more efficient and cost-effective way,” said Jacques Stoof, Mammoet’s innovations and business development director.
Mammoet provides a range of heavy-lift services including project cargo transportation, logistics planning and crane rental from its headquarters in Schiedam in the Netherlands.

Photo: crane transport beams. Credit: Mammoet