Mammoet Completes SVDN Load Out  

(Asia) Offshore Southeast of Ho Chi Minh City

Heavy-lift firm Mammoet has completed a four-phase project installing module and topsides for the Sao Vang and Dai Nguyet (SVDN) gas and condensate development project in Vietnam.

The complex assignment involved load out of the Sao Vang jacket as well as topsides integration and installation of flare tip and living quarters module. The jacket weighed 12,733 tonnes and measured more than 130 meters in length.

“This was a highly complex project, involving a wide range of services, people, and equipment mobilized from various Asia-Pacific countries, the Netherlands and United Kingdom,” a spokesperson for Mammoet said.

Headquartered in Schiedam in the Netherlands, Mammoet provides a range of services from transportation and logistics planning to heavy-lift and crane rental.
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