Mammoet Completes Lake Charles Project

Sasol LCCP Project Heavy-lifts

Heavy-lift specialist Mammoet has transported nearly 400 over-dimensional modules for the Sasol LCCP project in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
The project scope involved lifting an 800-ton wash tower and 1,523 ton reactor, completed using Mammoet’s MSG 80 crane. Mammoet’s coordinated with contractor Fluor Technip Integrated and Sasol directly.

“Mammoet’s dedication to safety did not go unnoticed; our teams on site were awarded Sasol’s 'Safe Crew of the Week' award a total of eight times. Mammoet has proven to the industry that modular construction is a viable and efficient way of constructing plants and this project will go into Mammoet history as a proud achievement,” said Gerrit van Doornik, Mammoet’s Gulf Coast general manager.

Headquartered in Schiedam in the Netherlands, Mammoet provides a range of services from transportation and logistics planning to heavy lift and crane rental.
Photo: Wash tower. Credit: Mammoet