Mammoet Advances Focus Crane Design

High-capacity Crane Designed for Congested Spaces

Mammoet said it plans to develop a new high-capacity crane that can be erected vertically in a very small area.

Named Focus, the new crane is designed for heavy-lift projects in limited and congested spaces, such as plants and inner cities. Featuring enhanced stability due to ground bearing pressures of less than 10 tons per square meter, the crane can be safely assembled in a space of just 22 by 22 meters.

“With the design finalized, Mammoet is ready to launch the Focus in the market and revolutionize the industry once again with a crane that can perform in a way other cranes can’t,” a spokesperson for the firm said.

Alongside design and manufacture of heavy-lift equipment Mammoet provides a range of breakbulk services including project cargo transportation, logistics planning and crane rental from its headquarters in Schiedam in the Netherlands.

 Photo: Mammoet Focus. Credit: Mammoet