Maersk Offers OOG Solution That Saves Thousands per Piece for Fleet Line

Over-length and over-height cargo of 26-ton skid trailer goes by flat rack to Nigeria

Before working with Maersk, Fleet Line never had a partner to offer tailor-made solutions based on their ODC transport requirements. They wanted a partner with capabilities to provide custom routings across the world, a wide range of equipment availability and solutions to handle and execute complex oil & gas shipments as per the ODC consignment requirements, Maersk said in a statement. 

Over the past 15 years, Maersk has handled several heavy shipments and over dimensional loads for Fleet Line, but none as challenging as a recent out-of-gauge (OOG) shipment. Instead of moving the cargo on breakbulk, Maersk planned it as OOG.

New OOG Handling

To handle this over-length and over-height special cargo of a 26-ton skid trailer with freight dimensions of 12.30 meters in length, 2.67 meters wide and 4.16 meters high, Maersk’s OOG solution included making sure the cargo was lashed in a way to keep all the four corner castings free. This ensured that Maersk could handle the shipment as OOG and seek approvals from all the transhipment origin (Jebel Ali in Dubai) and destination terminals (Onne in Nigeria) on the acceptance and confirmed handling of the cargo.

What’s worth noting is that all this was made possible when manpower challenges at Port Said terminal were at a peak during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Significant results

By moving Fleet Line’s shipment on an OOG container instead of breakbulk, Fleet Line was able to:
  • Save more than US $10,000 per piece
  • Experience a shorter transit of 21.5 days as opposed to the market standard of more than 25 days transit to Onne, Nigeria
  • Execute this shipment on time despite the contingencies
  • Deliver cost-effective weekly sailings in comparison to breakbulk operators with monthly or bi-monthly sailings
Fleet Line Shipping’s managing director Peter K. Mathew said, “People matter the most, and with Maersk, we found an excellent partner with over dimensional cargo expertise that listens to our ideas and proactively implements them, creating a win-win situation that ultimately benefits our customers.”

About Fleet Line Shipping

Fleet Line Shipping is a Dubai-based logistics company and market leader in handling project cargo. Their expertise lies in handling Over Dimensional Cargo (ODC) or Out of Gauge Cargo (OOG cargo), owning in-house assets like a fleet of transport, ISO & QHSE certified lashing services, lifting equipment, and more in and out of the UAE.

Fleet Line Shipping is a long-time exhibitor at Breakbulk Middle East. See the company’s exhibitor listing and plan to meet them at the event next month in Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 D32.

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