Logistics Plus, Hareket Move Reactors

(MENA) Transport from Iskenderun Limak Port

Breakbulk carriers Logistics Plus and Hareket have collaborated on the shipment of a set of transformers and reactors from Iskenderun Limak Port, Turkey.
The overdimensional cargo included five transformers and three reactors and was transported from the port to Van TeiaƟ substation and onward to Van Tusba, Turkey. The reactor units weighed 65 tonnes each, while the transformers were each 219 tonnes.

“They were destined for a 600 megawatt Electric Converter Station System Project, and the whole route was 1121 kilometers long,” a spokesperson for the firms said.
Both Logistics Plus and Hareket are members of the Project Logistics Alliance, a breakbulk association which connects 200 pre-qualified firms in over 100 countries.