Logimar Transports St. Louis Cases

Shipment via Genoa Port

Cargo carrier Logimar Shipping and Forwarding has delivered 16 breakbulk cases to Missouri in the U.S. from Northern Italy.
Each case weighed 272 tonnes and measured three meters in length, one meter in height and three meters in width. Logimar loaded from the shippers' logistics site and transported by truck to Genoa Port, before transshipping to St. Louis, Missouri via Norfolk Terminal.

“The main challenge was to reach the deadline needed due to the high contract penalty involved for the client for this special EPC project involved where Logimar takes part as the door to door logistics operator,” a spokesperson for Logimar said.
Based in the Italian region of Lombardy, Logimar is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance which connects pre-qualified project freight forwarding specialists worldwide. 
Photo: Case. Credit: PLA