Logimar Transports Brescia Transformers

Logimar Transports Brescia Transformers

Cargo carrier Logimar has transported a shipment of transformers from Italy to Iraq.

Two outsized units, each weighing 75 tonnes and measuring 4 meters in height, were delivered along with ancillary parts. The cargo was loaded in the Brescia region and transported to Genoa port for ocean shipment.

“The Logimar project team handled the full scope, including the loading of the cargo, the escorting of haulages by night, handling, documentation, customs clearance, port operations as well as sea freight from Genoa to Umm Qasr port,” a spokesperson for Logimar said.

Based in the Italian region of Lombardy, Logimar is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance which connects pre-qualified project freight forwarding specialists worldwide. 

Photo: Logimar load transfomers. Credit: PLA