Logimar Transports Mining Equipment

Breakbulk Delivery to East South Central U.S.

Cargo carrier Logimar Shipping and Forwarding has transported a cargo of mining equipment to the U.S. from Italy.

The complex assignment involved shipment to multiple destinations in East South Central U.S. following collection and loading in several locations across Italy. In total, the cargo comprised 10 40-foot Open Top containets, two 45-foot high-cubes, and 13 mafi trailers.

“The shipment was handled by Logimar from door to door on DAP basis for a regular customer, who is also a top supplier for the mining industry worldwide,” a spokesperson for Logimar said.

Based in the Italian region of Lombardy, Logimar is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance which connects pre-qualified project freight forwarding specialists worldwide. 

Photo: Oil and gas equipment. Credit: PLA