KPIC Awards McDermott Al Zour Contracts

Petrochemical Refinery Integration Project Moves ahead

Petrochemicals subsidiary Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Co. has awarded two development contracts at its Al Zour site in Kuwait to engineering services firm McDermott.
The contracts cover development work for an integrated low-pressure recovery (LPR) and olefins conversion technology (OCT) unit at KPIC’s Petrochemical Refinery Integration Project, or PRIZe, in Al Zour.
"This is a significant achievement that highlights the trust that our customers have in our industry-leading technologies ... This award marks the 50th OCT unit that Lummus Technology has licensed, and we are honored to celebrate this milestone with KIPIC,” said Leon de Bruyn, senior vice president of McDermott's Lummus Technology business.

Polymer Grade Propylene
Once complete, the Petrochemical Refinery Integration Project will produce 330,000 tonnes of polymer grade propylene per year using refinery by-product streams.  
“The Petrochemical Refinery Integration project will add a gasoline block, an aromatics block, OCT unit, polypropylene units, associated utility and offsite facilities to the existing refinery site,” a spokesperson for McDermott said.
The upgrade work will include engineering, technology license, and catalyst for the two sites and is expected to support significant breakbulk activity over the coming year as construction ramps up.
Headquartered in Texas, McDermott is one of the largest integrated onshore-offshore EPC companies in the world following its $6 billion merger with Chicago Bridge & Iron last year. 

Crude Oil Production to Rise
A subsidiary of state-run Kuwait Petroleum Corp., KIPIC is behind a national drive to boost petrochemical activity in the country. The country is reportedly aiming to boost heavy crude output to 430,000 barrels per day from 60,000 barrel per day by January 2020, according to the official Kuwait News Agency.

“The first phase of heavy crude oil production at a northern Kuwaitti oil field, known as south “Al Ritqa” is expected to reach 11,000 barrels per day in August,” a spokesperson for the national Kuwait Oil Co. said.
Headquartered in Ahmadi, Kuwait. Kuwait Petroleum Corp. is world's 10th-largest petroleum and other liquids producer, and fifth-largest exporter in terms of volume of crude oil and condensates.
Photo: Offshore platform. Credit: McDermott