KMA Moves Asuncion Cargo

KMA Moves Asuncion Cargo

Freight forwarder KMA Uruguay Tecnordi has delivered a heavy vehicle and bolster from Indonesia to Paraguay.

The shipment was transported via the port of Antwerp in Belgium and weighed 94 tonnes. Upon arrival in Montevideo, Paraguay, a team from KMA oversaw transshipment to its final destination in the capital Asuncion.

“KMA Uruguay Tecnordi handled a project cargo for ANDE, the Paraguayan Goverment Electricity Co., in cooperation with the feeder companies Grimaldi Lines and Independencia Shipping Lines,” a spokesperson for KMA said.

Registered in Urguay, KMA is represented by the Cargo Equipment Experts network, which connects owners, operators, carriers and manufacturers working within the heavy and outsized cargo market.

 Photo: Heavy vehicle and bolster. Credit: CEE