KGE, Livo Partner on Excavator Move

(Europe) Shipment via Lübeck, Germany

Breakbulk carriers KGE Baltic and Livo Logistics have collaborated on the shipment of an out-of-gauge excavator from Kazakhstan to the Czech Republic.

The breakbulk project involved transport of the 51-tonne unit from Tengiz, Kazakhstan. The unit measured 12 meters long, and 3 meters wide and high.

“After loading at the origin, the cargo headed to St. Petersburg, from where it sailed towards Lübeck, Germany, from there it completed the last mile towards Pilsen, Czech Republic,” a spokesperson for KGE said.

Both firms are members of the Project Logistics Alliance, with KGE representing Latvia and Livo representing the Czech Republic . The alliance connects 200 pre-qualified breakbulk providers in more than 100 countries.