KGE Delivers Weatherford Separator

(Russia/CIS) Shipment via St. Petersburg Harbor

Breakbulk carrier KGE Baltic Transport & Forwarding has delivered a Weatherford Separator unit from Kazakhstan to Columbia, via Russia.
The over-dimenisional cargo weighed 50 tonnes and measured 12 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters high. It was loaded in Aksai, Kazakhstan, and shipped via St. Petersburg harbor to FAS Cartagena in Columbia.

“[The team] undertook the challenging task of moving a Weatherford Separator in the last week of the Christmas holidays,” a spokesperson for KGE said, adding that total transit time was about 50 days.

Based in Latvia, KGE is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects 200 pre-qualified breakbulk providers in more than 100 countries.