KBR Wins Nigerian Refineries Contract

(Africa) Partnership with NETCO

Industrial contractor KBR has secured a contract from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. to develop constructionand upgrade plans for several petrochemical sites in the country.
The front-end engineering design work will see KBR partner with the National Engineering and Technical Co., or NETCO, to provide technical consultancy services for four greenfield refineries.

"We are delighted to be part of this strategic project supporting a prestigious partner to deliver the transition to an increasingly sustainable energy solution for Nigeria," said Jay Ibrahim, KBR president, Energy Solutions.

ANOH and Western Forcados
The proposed refinery sites will be in the ANOH and Western Forcados area with work scheduled to take place over an initial six-month period.

"The work will be undertaken by KBR's consulting team, where our strategic master-planning capability resides to help customers improve their sustainability, energy efficiency and maximize asset performance,” Ibrahim explained.
The project aims to identify means to eliminate condensate from oil export streams and reduce dependency and expense of imported refined products.

Infrastructure Upgrade

Once complete, the findings from the project are hoped to feed into a new infrastructure plan to upgrade the country’s gas condensate facilities and increase domestic production.

“The main objective of the project is upgrading gas condensate [and] it is well aligned with KBR's gas monetization and asset-optimization strategies. Together, these strategies provide a valuable, sustainable solution to Nigeria in matters of fuel security, economic development and regional capacity building,” a spokesperson for KBR said.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, KBR employs about 34,000 people worldwide, with customers in more than 75 countries, and operations in 40 countries.