Kamor Delivers Ashdod Transformers

(MENA) Shipment to Izmir

Freight forwarder Kamor Logistics has delivered a set of transformers and auxiliary equipment from Ashdod Port, Israel, to Izmir, Turkey.

The consignment included two units, weighing 108 tonnes each, that were transported on behalf of the Israeli Electricity Corp. A further 12 heavy units of a geothermal power plant were sent by the Israeli manufacturer Ormat.

“All units were loaded onboard the Victoria, a general cargo coaster vessel, at the Port of Ashdod using a 750-tonne-capacity hydraulic crane hired by Kamor Logistics for the project,” a spokesperson for the firm said. 

Registered in Israel, Kamor is a member of XL Projects, a breakbulk association connecting operators in more than 100 countries. XLP is an exhibitor at Breakbulk events.
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