Kaleido Delivers Wagons to Ireland, New Zealand

(Europe-Oceania) Project Moves Combine Land, Sea and Rail

Spanish logistics service provider Kaleido recently demonstrated its experience in handling rolling stock logistics with two recent projects in Ireland, and New Zealand.
The Northern Ireland project was completed on behalf of CAF, a leading multinational railway industry services company specializing in the design and manufacture of transport systems, including short- and long-distance trains, metros and buses.
Kaleido handled the transport 70 wagons by a combination of land, sea and rail. From the factory in Spain, they moved by special trucks to the Port of Bilbao. The wagons were lading in nine shipments to Tees Port in the UK, where they were unloaded directly to train tracks and railed to Glasgow to their final destination.
For the project in New Zealand, Kaleido transported 45 wagons by special truck from the factory to the Port of Santander. The cargo required 11 shipments to Auckland, where they were unloaded onto trucks and then transferred to rail to reach the destination depot.
Kaleido, which performed its first polling stock transport project in 2018, will next handle a door-to-door shipment of 21 wagons for CAF from factory to the depot in Belfast.
“These are valuable and sensitive cargoes, which must therefore be handled with care, and their dimensions always require special transport,” said a spokesperson for Kaleido.