Jumbo Transports Kaohsiung unloader

Jumbo Transports Kaohsiung unloader

Heavy-lift shipping line Jumbo Maritime has loaded a continuous ship unloader in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for shipment to Port Dickson, Malaysia.

The giant unit weighed 1,283 tonnes and was transported on behalf of client IHI Transport Machinery and carried aboard the Jumbo Fairmaster.

The firm also recently launched a new deck marking solution in partnership with technology developers ETTU and Friday Out Of The Box. Based around Microsoft’s HoloLens smart-glasses, the system allows an engineer to see a blueprint of cargo directly projected on the deck of the ship.

“The accuracy needed for this application to be able to project a blueprint on deck is on the edge of what is possible with the technology of today. This makes the software unique, and because of this Jumbo has patented this solution,” said Ralph Jansen, application manager at Jumbo.

Photo: Jumbo lifts continuous ship unloader. Credit: JM