ISA Moves Omani Power Plant

(MENA) Outsized Generator and Turbine

Freight forwarder ISA has delivered multiple breakbulk components from Germany to a power plant project in Oman.

The complex consignment involved transport of the complete power plant and covered all road transport, packing, crating, special transports and coordination with shipping lines. Cargo included a generator weighing 69 tonnes and a turbine weighing 98 tonnes.

“A special challenge was that the shipper constantly changed the dimensions, readiness dates of cargo on (very) short term ... Even with such last-minute changes, our project team managed to get everything properly arranged for successful on-time shipment,” a spokesperson for ISA said.

Based in Hamburg, Germany, ISA is a member of the WCA network, a breakbulk association which represents breakbulk providers in more than 188 countries.