Intermarine Moves Caribbean Cargoes  

(Americas) 30 Years in Business

Breakbulk specialist Intermarine has completed transport of 28 pieces of outsized earth moving equipment from Costa Rica to Jamaica.

The firm also completed a separate shipment of 20 units of rolling stock from St. Croix, U.S., Virgin Islands, to Houston’s Industrial Terminals aboard the cargo vessel Color. The firm this month celebrates 30 years in business as a breakbulk carrier.

“The company continues to build on its legacy by providing reliability and consistency in trade lanes from the U.S. Gulf to ports throughout the Caribbean and South America,” a spokesperson for Intermarine said.

The Intermarine brand was reinstated by shipping line Zeamarine earlier this year. The brand was retired when German shipping group Zeaborn launched a joint venture with Intermarine's owner Maritime Holdings in 2018.

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