Intercargo Condemns Crew Change Rulebreakers

(Global) Charterers Ignoring Regulation

Industry body Intercargo has called on dry bulk charterers to abide by regulations on crew changes, in response to firms failing to follow relevant provisions and charter party clauses.

The organization reports "a number of instances" of charterers in the dry bulk sector preventing much needed crew changes from taking place, with certain countries in Southeast Asia being treated as "toxic" by charterers for the 14 days following crew change.

“Intercargo strongly condemns the non-compassionate practices of some charterers of dry bulk carriers, in their rejection of crew change outright during the charter period. This flies in the face of industry wide efforts to offer seafarers the essential rest that they have been so long without during the Covid-19 pandemic, and which is essential to the safe operation of the shipping sector,”  spokesperson for Intercargo said.

The association highlighted the particular danger of additional strain on an already fatigued workforce with potential for catastrophic damage during load and discharge of cargo, ballast and de-ballast, and a range of other essential tasks.
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