HPC To Guide Port of Switzerland Digitalization  

Sustainable digital port infrastructure

Logistics consultant Hamburg Port Consulting is to deliver transformation services for the Port of Switzerland.
The agreement will see HPC provide guidance to improve effective cooperation with customers and partners and the development of  “sustainable digital port” infrastructure.
"By providing digital port infrastructures, we want to shape our role as a service provider for the entire port community in a future-oriented way. In future, central processes with authorities, institutions and the port industry are to be handled via digital infrastructures,” Martin Nusser, Deputy Director of Port of Switzerland, said.
The inland port features three docks on the upper Rhine - Kleinh├╝ningen, Muttenz-Au, and Birsfelden - and was the first to introduce a community system for inland ports, the RheinPorts Information System (RPIS), which supports digital connectivity.

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