Höegh Delivers Durban Furnace Parts

Höegh Delivers Durban Furnace Parts

Shipping line Höegh Autoliners Logistics has transported an oversized set of furnace parts from Durban, South Africa, to Singapore.

The out-of-gauge consignment consisted of two large tilting frames, each weighing 18 tonnes, and two furnace shells, each at 21.1 tonnes. Höegh deployed mobile crane to transfer the cargo pieces from road truck trailers directly on to rolltrailers for loading aboard the Höegh Osaka.

“Because of the overhang, the risk for damage is high. To ensure the cargo could be safely loaded on board, we had to have an optimal angle of approach and the ground clearance of the overhang had to be increased. We therefore added extra dunnage beneath the cargo to increase its height,” said Höegh’s port captain in charge of operations.

Norwegian firm, Höegh Autoliners Logistics provides breakbulk services primarily within the roll-on, roll-off sector. The firm operates a fleet of pure car and truck carriers and handles close to 4 million cubic meters of high and heavy cargoes per year.

Photo: Furnace shell. Credit: Höegh