Hisiang Moves Umm Qasar Pipes

Hisiang Moves Umm Qasar Pipes

Transport services company Hisiang Logistics has delivered a cargo of coating pipes from Korea to Iraq.

The shipment included 4,500 tonnes of pipes for construction of a 108-kilometer oil pipeline on behalf of Petronas. The cargo was loaed in Pyongtaek, South Korea, and shipped to the port of Umm Qasar, Iraq.

“It was reported that Pyongtaek facing warmest its summer in the last 30 years. However, we and our invited survey expert attended the first day loading in spite of the burning temperature. All the loading, dunnage and lashing were performed exactly as our requirement,” a spokesperson for Hisiang said.

With head offices in Beijing, Hisiang represents the WCA Projects in China, and through the network is connected with independent project forwarders in 88 other countries.

Photo: Oil Coating Pipes. Credit: Hisiang