HiLOG Delivers Mozambique Rig

Cargo Loaded in Mombasa

Freight forwarder Heavy Industry Logistics has transported a disassembled onshore drilling rig from Kenya to Mozambique.

The outsized cargo consisted of 206 pieces, weighing 2,321 tonnes and measuring 15,144 cubic meters. Scope of work included receiving the cargo into Mombasa yard, storing and handling out, export customs and documentation, shunting, port operations, and vessel chartering.
“The heaviest piece was 58 tonnes, and the longest piece 22.3 meters [and] customs documentation was one of the most challenging parts of this move,” a spokesperson for HiLOG said. 

Representing Kenya, HiLOG is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects pre-qualified project connects forwarders in 88 countries.
Photo: Onshore drilling rig Box. Credit: PLA