GS Express Move Port Klang Skids

Delivery to Westport

Breakbulk handler Golden Success Express Logistics has delivered a cargo of skids from Port Klang Free Zone to Westport, Malaysia.

The outsized unit were fabricated under a closed roof fabrication bay and half were loaded by hydraulic jacking and skidding method. The remaining half were loaded using 85-tonne and 55-tonne mobile cranes.

“To reduce additional cost and handling time at Port Yard, a total of 90 support stools were used to jack up the said skids during temporary transit,” a spokesperson for GSEL said.

Based out of Port Klang southwest of the capital Kuala Lumpur, GS Express operates with a team of five cargo specialist and provides Heavy Haulage, Jacking and Skidding solutions. The firm is member of the XL Projects network, which connects heavy-transport providers and independent project forwarding companies in more than 80 countries.

Photo: Skids. Credit: GSEL