Gruber Moves Heavy Heat Exchangers

Gruber Moves Heavy Heat Exchangers

Freight forwarder Gruber Logistics has delivered three units of heavy heat exchangers to Japan.

Two of the units weighed 39.8 tonnes and were delivered to Yokohama while the third weighed 42.3 tonnes and was transported separately to Kobe via Pyungteak. All three were loaded at the producer's facility in Dinklage, Germany, and moved on flatbed trailers to Bremerhaven Port for shipment to Japan.

“It was a big challenge to get the necessary permits for the road transportation from Dinklage to Bremerhaven, a distance of around 150 kilometers, in due time,” said Uli Naujoks, project manager at Gruber.

Headquartered in Ora in the South Tyrol region of northern Italy, Gruber operates 23 branches and 750 vehicles as well as 80,000 square meters of warehousing. The firm is a member of the Project Cargo Network, a global network comprising specialist members, in more than 100 countries.

Photo: Gruber vehicle loaded with heat exchanger. Credit: Gruber