Green Channel Moves Metal Recovery Machinery

(MENA) Largest Component 48 Tonnes

Cargo carrier Green Channel Forwarders has delivered a shipment of over-dimensional machinery to the Falcon mobile metal recovery plant in India.

The cargo comprised multiple items of outsized equipment, including a conveyor and spare parts. The largest component weighed 48 tonnes and measured more than 12 meters long.

"We are proud to announce that we got the opportunity to handle yet another shipment for our customer, Harsco India. This was a very complex machine and needed high levels of expertise to handle. As it was a self-propelled and remote-operated machine, it required a mobile generator to give electric support to start and roll out the machine from the RORO vessel which we arranged while discharging the cargo from the vessel,” said Tushar Murlidharan from Green Channel.
Based in Mumbai, India, Green Channel is a member of the cargo network Universal Freight Organisation, or UFO, which represents members on a "one member, per country" basis in more than 115 countries.