Goodrich Delivers Kazakh Mining Cargoes

(Russia/CIS) Multiple Shipments from Worldwide Locations

Breakbulk handler Goodrich has transported a range of outsized mining equipment to Kazakhstan from multiple laocations around the  globe.

The complex assignment involved shipment of almost 8,000 tonnes of cargo from various origins, including: Canada, RSA, South Africa, China, South Korea, India, Turkey, Australia, and multiple countries within the EU. Some of the largest items weighed up to 90 tonnes and measured more than 7 meters in length.

“Having such a wide range of pick up locations meant that Goodrich had to reach out to fellow members for local support,” a spokesperson for Goodrich said.

Representing Kazakhstan, Goodrich Central Asia is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects pre-qualified project forwarders in 88 countries.