Goodrich Delivers Accommodation Convoy

(MENA) More Than 100 Vehicles from Turkey

Logistics firm Goodrich Central Asia has transported a breakbulk cargo of accommodation units from Turkey to Kazakhstan.

The consignment involved 100 open trucks and 30 low-beds of equipment and was undertaken what the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak. Cargo totaled 2,800 tonnes and was shipped via Georgia and Azerbiajan.

“The closure of the border between Turkey and Georgia was the first issue that the project team of Goodrich had to solve, followed by the longest queue of trucks waiting at the ferry terminal between Azerbaijan and Kazahkstan,” a spokesperson for Goodrich said. 

Goodrich Central Asia is represented by the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects pre-qualified project forwarders in 114 countries worldwide. Goodrich is an exhibitor at Breakbulk Europe and Breakbulk America.
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