Gianti Adds OOG Facilities

Heavy-lift Cargo Handling Capabilities

Freight forwarder Gianti Logistics has expanded its logistics capabilities with the addition of new facilities for handling heavy and out-of-gauge cargo.

The new Gianti Terminal includes containerized and flatbed trailers, low loaders, multi-axle hydraulic modular trailers, hydraulic jacks, sliding systems and other special equipment for heavy-lift cargo. The facility will service cargoes transported by the group’s fleet of more than 100 units.

“The additions include paper roll clamps, a forklift with elephant nose, and stoppers for safe storage of pipes,” a spokesperson for Gianti said.

Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, Gianti Logistics is a member of the PL Alliance, which represents pre-qualified freight forwarding companies in more than 80 countries.

Photo: Gianti facility. Crew: PLA