Geodis Joins European Clean Trucking Alliance  

(Europe) Campaign to Decarbonize Freight Transport

Logistics group Geodis has joined the European Clean Trucking Alliance to promote new measures to decarbonize freight transport.

The firm launched a program that focuses on four areas of progress: measurement; reduction, partnership, and technology development. The alliance was launched with 20 other leading European businesses and organizations.

“Geodis calls for the implementation of policies that accelerate the decarbonization of the road freight sector with an approach that is fair to the whole market. The deployment of low-emission vehicles and energy infrastructure is an essential requirement to enable the transport sector’s transition.” said Philippe de CarnĂ©, executive vice president at Geodis.

A subsidiary of SNCF Logistics, Geodis provides a range of supply chain services through five divisions: supply chain optimization, freight forwarding, contract logistics, distribution and express, and road Transport. The firm is an exhibitor at Breakbulk Europe.
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