Geodis Completes Pekaes Acquisition

(Europe) Transportation Group Expands Polish Network

Logistics specialist Geodis has completed its acquisition of Polish transportation group Pekaes, obtaining full regulatory approval. 

The deal will see Geodis consolidate its network in Poland and Eastern Europe, increasing the firm’s workforce in Poland to almost 1,500, with 29 sites including 20 hubs spread across the territory.

“We are pleased to welcome Pekaes’ customers, employees and management to the Geodis Group. This acquisition, in a target region for the group’s development, is a major step towards reaching the goals laid out in our Ambition 2023 strategic plan. Geodis now has an increased presence in Europe’s third-largest logistics market, offering Polish companies tremendous international opportunities,” said Marie-Christine Lombard, CEO of Geodis.

Improved Connectivity

The acquisition also expands the company’s operations in the German market, improving connectivity across the Central European region as a whole.

“We are opening a new chapter in Pekaes’ history. It provides many opportunities for our customers, partners and employees. Our customers can now benefit from the power of a global network to help them grow. For our teams, this means new growth opportunities in a strong international organization. We are delighted to join the Geodis Group, with whom we share the commitment to help our customers overcome their logistical constraints,” said Maciej Bachman, CEO of Pekaes.

Multimodal Lines

The firm expects the Pekaes’ multimodal lines out of Poland to represent "a real growth opportunity" and integration of the new operations will be led by Geodis’ Road Transport line of business.
“This operation will allow us to develop our palletized freight network throughout Europe as we also develop further our abilities in the Polish domestic market. They will supplement our lines in Western Europe, which are currently experiencing strong growth given our customers’ desire for transport with a low environmental impact,” said Olivier Royer, Geodis executive vice president for Road Transport.

A subsidiary of SNCF Logistics, Geodis provides a range of supply chain services through five divisions: supply chain optimization, freight forwarding, contract logistics, distribution and express and road transport. The group’s  Project Logistics services are offered in over 30 countries via 550 project logistics specialists worldwide. The firm is an exhibitor at Breakbulk events.
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