GCR Mongolia Installs Oyu Tolgoi Stage

Project Cargo to South Gobi Desert

Infrastructure joint venture GCR Mongolia has completed transport and installation of a breakbulk stage for its Oyu Tolgoi Project in the south Gobi Desert.
The complex installation involved delivery of the 25-meter stage to the remote mining site 550 kilometers south of the Mongol capital, Ulaanbaatar.
“Our engineering and procurement efforts have combined worldwide resources and culminated with our design team operating from our Ulaanbaatar office ... Now we turn our attention to the remainder of the lifts and E&I commissioning activities,” said Greg Kember, project director GCR.

Floating Deck

Following delivery to the site, the stage was prepared for installation with a load test of 325 tonnes carried out, the largest lift ever conducted at Oyu Tolgoi site.

“Our team, with over 1,100 individuals, has done an absolutely amazing job communicating and coordinating their respective works to achieve these tasks safely and on schedule,” Kember added.

Comprised of five decks with the fifth deck being a floating (movable) deck, the stage reaches a total length of 31 meters once the floating deck is fully extended, and weighs 212 tonnes.

-40° Operating Profile

The project will involve concrete lining and sinking two shafts, with diameter of 10 meters and 11 meters, respectively.

All engineering work has been designed to withstand harsh operating conditions during the winter, when temperatures typically drop to -40 degrees Celsius.

Registered in Ulaanbaatar, GCR Mongolia is a partnership between engineering and mining specialists  Gobi Infrastructure Partners, Clough Projects International and RUC Cementation Mining. The firm is developing Oyu Tolgoi, one of the world's largest new copper-gold mines, which is expected to drive further breakbulk activity throughout the construction phase.