FOX Brasil Handles ‘Sustainable’ Cargoes

FOX Brasil | Project Logistics Coordinated the Door-to-port Logistics of a Next-gen Technology Powered OOG Turbine and Its Accessories from Brazil to North America’s Green Zone

FOX Brasil | Project Logistics has shipped this week a backpressure turbine, measuring 6.10 meters long, 4.2 meters wide and 3.2 meters high, along with its accessories from Brazil to North America. 

What makes this project special is that the customer has a sustainable business model to produce paper without cutting down trees, co-generate green energy with the steam turbine shipped, and recycle water from the industrial processes. To produce a single ton of paper, 250 cubic meters of water is needed. Through investments in new technologies like this backpressure turbine equipment, the recycling of the very same 250 cubic meters of water, can reach a 92 percent level of recycling. 

FOX Brasil’s project team intensively worked on the complete planning and execution for the road transportation, from the shipper up to the port of loading. Main challenge was to manage the logistics restrictions during the COVID-19 peak that included: 

· Deadline to get the road permits 
· Restrictions for out-of-gauge cargo and adverse weather conditions 
· Finding a suitable vessel to assure the safety of the cargo 
· Under deck shipment guaranteed 
· Shortest transit time to avoid delay on project kick at job site 

The team met all of the safety requirements on the road and at the port, making a safe move not only to its clients, but also for FOX Brasil’s partners and team. 

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