FLS USA Moves Electrostatic Heaters

(Americas) Delivery to Houston

Heavy-transport firm Freight Logistics Services USA has delivered set of electrostatic heaters from Louisiana to Houston.

The breakbulk project involved loading of two heaters at the supplier yard and required complex pre-planning to ensure proper permits in place due to obstructions due to hurricane season in Louisiana.

“Freight Logistics Services took care of getting the necessary routing permits and arranged the truck movement from the supplier yard to a nearby barge site. Then each unit was moved on a barge to the Port of Houston. From the Port of Houston, the units were then trucked to the client facilities in Houston,” a spokesperson for FLS USA said.

Based in Texas, FLS USA provides full service logistics with a focus on breakbulk export.  The firm is a member of the WCA network, which is an exhibitor at Breakbulk events.
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