FLS Projects Moves Refinery Equipment

Splitter Tower to West African Site

Heavy-transport firm Freight Logistics Services USA has delivered a set of modular refinery components from the U.S. to a refinery complex in West Africa.

The breakbulk project involved delivery of 16 components including a Splitter Tower and caged NHT Stabilizer. A team from FLS USA oversaw the complete logistics process from supplier’s yard up through delivery to the refinery site.

“[We] recently completed port delivery for the next phase of their client’s ongoing West Africa refinery expansion project [with] 16 modules totalling 2,000 tonnes,” a spokesperson for FLS USA said.

Based in Texas, FLS USA provides full-service logistics with a focus on breakbulk export.  The firm is a member of the WCA network 

Photo Splitter Tower. Credit: PLA