FLS Moves Sumatran Excavator

Breakbulk Unit Loaded in Jakarta

Breakbulk specialist FLS Indonesia has delivered an excavator unit more than 1,300 kilometers from Jakarta to Sumatra Island, Indonesia.
The outsized unit weighed 40 tonnes and measured 13 meters long, 4 meters wide and 4 meters high. It was delivered on behalf of a pulp and paper mill owner in Sumatra.

“Our Indonesian colleagues’ outside-the-box thinking and rigorous planning allowed the transport via ferry and local roads. FLS oversaw and escorted the cargo through some very challenging road conditions to ensure safe and smooth delivery,” a spokesperson for FLS said.

FLS Indonesia is a subsidiary of Thai group FLS Projects, and a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects pre-qualified breakbulk firms in more than 88 countries.

Photo: Excavator. Credit: FLS