Fagioli Moves Industrial Bullets

(Europe) Cometto MSPE 40T trailers

Heavy cargo carrier Fagioli has transported a set of four industrial bullets from Italy to Croatia.

Two of the breakbulk pieces weighed 460 tonnes each and were carried on 28 axle lines in an open-compound configuration, while the remaining two items weighed 350 tonnes each and were transported in side-by-side configuration. All items were transported using Cometto MSPE 40T self-propelled trailers.

“The Cometto self-propelled trailers type MSPE worked perfectly well during the challenging transport of the four bullets, supporting the Fagioli team to the successful project completion,” said Giovanni Pescatori, Fagioli sales engineer.

A video of the move is available here.

Based in Sant'Ilario d'Enza in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna, Fagioli specializes in engineering, heavy transportation and project logistics worldwide. The firm is an exihibitor at both Breakbulk Europe and Breakbulk Americas.
Breakbulk Europe 2020
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