EXG Delivers â€‹Chennai Steel Rail

Cargo to Koyambedu Metro Yard

Breakbulk carrier Express Global Logistics has transported a set of steel rails from Chennai Port to Koyambedu Metro Yard, India.

The single-lot import, consisted of 910 bundles weighing 3,000 tonnes and measuring 49 meter in length. in-depth inspection of the site was carried out by a team from EXG prior to unloading of cargo to identify and rectify challenges.

“EXG especially fabricated the rail clamps and beams to mobilize efficiently and safe handling of grade head hardened (HH) rails. The movement was critical because RDSO standards were to be implemented during execution and the same was integrated in the operation for conformity of standards,” a spokesperson for EXG said.

Headquartered in Mumbai, EXG provides multisurface logistics, breakbulk transport and heavy equipment rentals throughout India. The firm is a member of the WCA network, which connects independent project cargo forwarding company in more than 180 countries.

Photo: Steel rails. Credit: EXG