EXG Moves Extra-Wide Cargo

Delivery to Southwest India

Breakbulk carrier Express Global Logistics has transported an outsized alloy steel forged shell from Mumbai port to Dahej, India.

The unit weighed more than 36 tonnes and measured more than 6 meters in diameter and 2 meters high. Cargo was loaded at Mumbai port and delivered by road to Gujarat.

“The main challenge was the width of the ODC cargo, which resulted in various hurdles from enhanced turning radius to toll booths, which our team overcame successfully with precision,” a spokesperson for EXG said. 

Headquartered in Mumbai, EXG provides multi-surface logistics, breakbulk transport and heavy equipment rentals throughout India and is a member of the WWPC cargo forwarding network. WWPC represents breakbulk firms in 78 countries worldwide and is an exhibitor at Breakbulk Europe.
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