Exclusive Report: Energy & Transport Summit for the Wind Energy Supply Chain

Standardization, working in clusters, installation comparison from around the world

The Energy & Transport Summit IV digital was held 15 December with an introduction section focusing on how cluster organizations bring companies, learning institutions and authorities together to innovate, collaborate, or network across the value chain. The summit provided a view into the engine room of cross-supply chain wind shipping and needed logistics cooperation in wind energy.
During the introductory session, Glenda Napier, CEO of Energy Cluster Napier and Mikkel Hansen, CEO of Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark - MARLOG discussed the role of the cluster organizations, how companies can benefit from working in a cluster, and how the cluster organizations will collaborate among themselves. One of the conclusions from the session was that the industry can expect similar events in the future. Glenda Napier said that a workshop setting will be used to facilitate further cross-sector collaboration across a number of important topics linking the energy and transport sectors.
Panel 1: Seven years of shipping and logistics collaboration

The first panel at Energy & Transport Summit IV digital presented different projects being incubated by working groups of one of the summit organizers, Wind Logistics Group. Wind Logistics Group member companies DIS/CREADIS, DHL Global Forwarding - Industrial Projects and Panticon presented specific projects. These projects pertained to innovation within the area of transport equipment for very large wind turbine blades, an open-source tool to assist in future proofing existing and future wind ports, and an upcoming white paper to be developed on logistics challenges faced in the logistics and transportation segment of offshore wind in the USA. Wind Logistics Group members have collaborated on various projects for the past seven years since the inauguration of the group in 2013.

Panel 2: The maritime part of the wind energy value chain

The second panel demonstrated through three active and on-going projects how the different cluster organizations are collaborating with each other across their respective industries and clusters. A project from Energy Cluster Denmark presented by the Port of Rønne focused on port management, a project the Wind Logistics Group presented by FORCE Technology focused on the wind vessels of the future and a joint project presented by Esvagt focused on green fuels for offshore wind operations and maintenance. Consensus from the panel was that cross-supply chain collaboration is critical to enable the green transformation on a global basis.

Panel 3: New technology and innovation

During the third panel, different innovations from the wind logistics and transport sector were presented. Per Fenger from Liftra presented their solutions to exchange main components for onshore wind turbines even as turbines are growing taller. Mark Lou from Mingyang presented the installation practices utilized in China including how installation differs between projects and also differs from how installation is done in other markets globally. Mads Jørgensen from Upteko ended the session by presenting their drone solutions to transport parts and perform inspections of wind turbines. With focus on the U.S., Chinese and European markets all within a single summit panel, global knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices within the area of transportation and logistics were center stage.

Panel session 4: Standardization across the supply chain

Should every company involved in a particular industry do things in their own manner? During the fourth panel, three examples were given on how the offshore wind industry is in the process of standardizing logistics operations including common approaches to equipment design and use as well as common lifting standards.
Standardization is a means to reduce costs and at the same time increase installation speed. The panel was moderated by Breakbulk's own Elizabeth Rankin who said that no matter where in the world companies are located, some of the cross-industry and free-to-use guidelines and standard practices contain opportunities for the industry to reduce levelized cost of energy to become competitive with other energy forms as quickly as possible.

Panel session 5: Logistical aspects of offshore wind globalisation

Feng Zhao from Global Wind Energy Council moderated the fifth and last panel of the summit. The panel took the participants on a global tour of offshore wind expansion. First, professors Gammelgaard from CBS and Saldanha from WVU discussed the need for logistics competencies in new offshore wind markets, exemplified by the U.S. market.
René Damgaard from FairWind covered the installation of wind turbines during the COVID-19 pandemic, using Taiwan as the case study. Closing the panel, Frederik Colban-Andersen from Clarksons Platou covered the vessels utilized in offshore wind with a future outlook as well as the latest trends from different global markets. In rounding off the very active panel Q&A session, Feng Zhao said that offshore wind is globalizing rapidly and stressed that logistics as well as transportation are very important aspects of the offshore wind role in the global green transformation.
To view the replays of each session, visit energytransportsummit.com/home-1/e-ts-iv-downloads.html.

About the Wind Logistics Group
The Wind Logistics Group is the official 2021 energy partner for Breakbulk Events & Media. The work in the Wind Logistics Group pertains to logistics in the wind industry where a number of projects are being worked on by industry organizations in combination with after work meetings conducted twice per year.
The work in the Wind Logistics Group is a continuation of the work started as part of the global wind energy shipping and logistics PhD research project. The initial phase was the 9 Reference Group meetings organized around the PhD research of Thomas Poulsen including the 8 after work/"gå-hjem" meetings conducted.
To learn more about the Wind Logistics Group and upcoming events, visit https://windlogisticsgroup.com.

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