Esprit Logistics Moves Shipbuilding Materials

Esprit Logistics Moves Shipbuilding Materials

Project cargo specialist Esprit Logistics is to transport a consignment of shipbuilding equipment from Japan to the Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard in South Korea.

The cargo includes steel plates shipped from Japan, and main engines and other shipbuilding materials shipped from locations in South Korea. The equipment weighs a total of 160,000 tonnes with individual units weighing up to 225 tonnes and measuring up to 12 meters long.

“After the main engines and propellers were loaded on a vessel from Ulsan, they were moved to Busan Port to be loaded with other smaller shipbuilding materials and departed for the HVS,” a spokesperson for Esprit said.

Based in Ulsan and Seoul, Esprit Logistics recently joined the Cargo Connections network as representative for South Korea.

Photo: Esprit Logistics crew transport shipbuilding component. Credit: CC