ENKI Delivers Istanbul Transformers

(MENA) Delivery to Mosul Al Naseej

Freight forwarder ENKI Transport and Trading has transported two outsized transformer units from Turkey to Mosul, Iraq.

The breakbulk items each weighed 40 tonnes and were delivered with five full container loads of accessories. Cargo was loaded in Istanbul and delivered by road and sea to Mosul Al Naseej Substation.

“Enki organized two low-beds for the heavier units and five trucks for the containers. The total volume tallied up to 120 tonnes,” a spokesperson for ENKI said.

Based in Zakho in Iraqi Kurdistan, ENKI provides cargo handling across the country, serving “one of the world’s toughest” emerging markets, and is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects about 200 pre-qualified project forwarders in 114 countries worldwide.