ENKI Delivers Khormala Roof Cranes

Delivery from Zakho to Erbil

Freight forwarder ENKI Transport and Trading has delivered a cargo of roof cranes from Zakho City to Erbil, Iraq.

Two breakbulk units were transported, one measuring more than 6 meters long and weighing 16 tonnes, and the other measuring 5 meters and weighing 2 tonnes. Both were delivered to the Khormala Power Plant in Erbil.

“ENKI's scope of work included providing the route survey and escort services, arranging permits, and monitoring the shipment from its arrival in Zakho City till Erbil, Khormala Power Plant job site, a spokesperson for ENKI said.

Based in Zakho in Iraqi Kurdistan, ENKI provides cargo handling across the country, serving “one of the world’s toughest” emerging markets, and is a member of the Project Logistics Alliance, which connects about 200 pre-qualified project forwarders in 114 countries.