Elsewedy, SNEL Sign Kasumbalesa EPC

(MENA) Turnkey Delivery

Egyptian energy provider Elsewedy Electric has signed a deal with utility company Societe Nationale D Electricite to develop high-voltage distribution infrastructure in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The engineering, procurement, and construction covers turnkey delivery of a 220-15/6.6 kV high voltage distribution substation in the city of Kasumbalesa.

“The project is strategic, as it enables the efficient management of the follow of energy exchanged between the electric grid of Southern Africas (SAPP) and that of the DRC,” a Elsewedy spokesperson explained.

18-month Construction

The project was valued at US$38.6 million and will involve major breakbulk activity in the Haut-Katanag province over the next 18 months as construction ramps up.

“[This project] will increase the rate of electricity supply to the province and the country [and] promote the socio-economic development of Kasumbalesa,” Elsewedy said in a statement.

Kasumbalesa is a major cargo crossing point on the border between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.


Having established as a major provider of integrated energy solutions and infrastructure in its home country, Elsewedy Electric has announced plans for further expansion with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.

“Owing to a successful growth rate year after year and aligning with the expansion strategy of the company, by operating in eight diversified energy segments: cables and accessories, electrical products, energy measurement and management, transformers, communications, wind energy generation, solar energy solutions, and projects and development,” a company spokesperson noted.

The firm is headquartered in Cairo and employs a global workforce of 15,000, generating net income of $249 million for fiscal year 2019.
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