Duqm Handles Record Reactor Cargo

(MENA) 11 Units for Duqm Refinery

Authorities at the Port of Duqm in Oman have announced a record heavy-lift operation, handling the heaviest breakbulk item at the port to date.

The reactor unit was part of asset of 11 shipped via the port for the Duqm Refinery project. Weighing 1,131 tonnes and measured 34 meters long, the reactor was unloaded from the SAL Heavy Lift vessel Lone.

A separate recent breakbulk project for the refinery project was also shipped via the port with nine large LPG storage tanks offloaded under the agency of Khimji Ramdas Shipping.

One of the main seaports in Oman, the Port of Duqm is controlled by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and includes the country’s leading ship repair yard and drydock facility.