Duluth Greets First Saltie Of The Year

Steel Cargo Unloaded in Oshawa

The Port of Duluth-Superior has welcomed the first ‘saltie’ of the twin ports’ 2019 shipping season, marking the start of breakbulk operations on the waterway.
The vessel Maria G arrived in the Port of Duluth Superior having unloaded steel in Oshawa. The will be loaded with about 21,000 tonnes of spring wheat for delivery in Italy.
“The arrival of the first saltie each season is a reminder that the Port of Duluth-Superior is truly Mid-America’s gateway to the world,” a spokesperson for the port said.

Situated 2,342 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, the port connects to the westernmost edge of the St. Lawrence Seaway System and is the Great Lakes’ largest port by total shipping tonnage.
Photo: Saltie Maria G. Credit: PDS